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Vapor E-Cigarette LLC

We offer the best selection and quality of vaping equipment and liquids in Kansas!

Vapor E-Cigarette LLC
3137 W. Maple
Wichita, KS 67213
Today's Hours: 10:30AM - 6:30PM
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E-Liquids and E-Juices

Not all juice is created equal.

Here at Vapor E-Cigarette we have studied long and hard and learned a lot about the art of juice making, and it shows in our e-juice. We've formulated our juice for optimal flow in your clearomizer or tank, along with special blends that will give your dripper the best taste and cloud. We have over 100 top quality flavors to choose from and are adding new ones all the time. You're welcome to stop by our lounge to try any of our liquids for free.

What makes our juice different?

  • We use the very highest quality grade of ingredients.
  • Our nicotine is 100% organic, e-cig/vape grade purity & quality.
  • Our VG and PG is the highest quality grade on the market today.
  • Our flavorings are Grade A and the very best quality.
  • Whenever possible, we use 100% organic or higher organic blends.

Vapor's Vice and Other Premium Liquids

The best, most complex flavors

Our Master Flavor Chef has been creating his very own one-off signature flavors since 2011, and has used all his knowledge and expertise in creating an even more exceptional line of premium juice we here at Vapor E-Cigarette like to call Vapor's Vice.

This new line of juice features very complex flavors like:

  • BOWL O LOOPS-----A true to form flavor that inspires fond memories of child hood of watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating your favorite bowl of cereal, This tastes just like the end of the bowl when you take that last drink of the milk . 


  • NANA'S PINEAPPLE CAKE!!--A beautiful bold pineapple cake with hints of icing blended together so perfectly that it would make your grandmother jealous! 

  • CRUMBLICIOUS---A mouth watering rendition of a crumb cake with notes of brown sugar and cinnamon perfectly blended to make a great crumb cake. 

  • TWISTED---This flavor is so unique it’s hard to describe. Notes of tropical fruits and light citrus flavors. It twists from flavor on inhale to another on exhale. Renew your mind body and soul. 

  • BAM BAM---A beautiful blend of lightly sweet fruits that burst on your pallet as you in-hale and a hint of tart on exhale. Leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth to remind you and tempt you to vape more. 

  • BETTY---Reminiscence of BAM BAM with a more complex blend of sweet fruits including strawberry and pineapple. Light fruits mixed gently together for a superbly crisp vape that you can hit all day long and well into the night. 

  • STRAWBERRY BLOND---A desert that is o so yummy, A hint of strawberry, creams and custards, and a few other goodies to make this an all day vape that will keep a sweet tooth at bay for days! 

  • OROCHI CUSTARD---Another superb desert flavor that is creamy with notes of cinnamon and custards. Adds a nice creamy bite to your vape!

  • DEW----If you love Mtn dew you will fall in love with this.  You can now not only drink your dew, but vape it too. Crisp on the inhale and a little fizzy on the ex-hale.  True to form and remember INHALE DON’T SWALLOW!! 

  • DINO--- Sweet and succulent dark fruits mixed together masterfully melding into a mouth watering flavor that is sweet and tangy! Notes of grape, blueberries and other dark fruits and berries to tantalize your taste buds 

  • TROPICAL BLISS--- A tropical vacation in a bottle! A light sweet and crisp vape to refresh and tantalize your senses into a blissful experience that leaves satisfied and rejuvenated.  The name says it all, this a masterfully crafted tropics fruits mixed together just like Mother Nature intended! Easily an all day vape! 

  • VIPERS MILK---This is the perfect cross between MOTHERS MILK AND UNICORN MILK! Rich, deep and Creamy!! The best of both flavors in perfect harmony!! This is a definite must try and one for the collection of the finest juices on the planet!! 

  • CHOCO LATTE--- This is an excellent mix of a fine roast coffee and a superb dark chocolate with just the right amount of multiple creams in perfect harmony. Reminiscence of the high quality lattes we all know and love!! If you are a latte connoisseur you will be sure to love this!! Clean crisp and well rounded like always just what you would expect from our VAPORS VICE PREMIUM LINE!! 

  • APPLE-RAGEOUS---This flavor is just that; APPLE-Rageous! A flavor that matches the freshly cooked apple pit that grandma used to make topped off with a healthy scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream!!  A desert vape made for everyone! 

  • VICE BACCO--- For those of you that are looking for that superb tobacco flavor and have never been satisfied this one is for you! This flavor has been in the works for 3 years trying to prefect the blend of the finest of tobaccos. You will not be disappointed when vaping this flavor, give it a try and see for you self what a true premium tobacco flavor has to offer you!!

Our flavors are so good you'll have to remember to inhale, not chew!

While we're incredibly proud of our in-house premium liquid, Vapor's Vice, we stock an array of other premium lines sure to tempt you, including: 

  • Suicide Bunny
  • King's Crown
  • CyberLiquids
  • Jimmy the Juice Man
  • Cosmic Charlies chalk dust
  • Certified

Gardenville Organic Eliquid

Gardenville Organic Eliquid
Bottles of Gardenville Organic 100%VG e- Liquid

Gardenville is our newest line and is 100% organic VG.

Thats right, 100% organic Plant Extract with NO artificial Flavors, Colors or sweetners.

Try these great flavors:

  • The Origional - Almond Butter Cream
  • Choco Latte - Tripple Chocolate and Coffee
  • Sob Stopper - Sweet and Tart Fruit Mix
  • Cream Pie - Cocco Butter Cream
  • Berry Juice - Tripple Berries and Cream

Special Blends

If you have questions, concerns or even a special need for a juice, we're the team to get it done for you. We've created special vegetable glycern blends for customers that have Propelyn glycol allergies, and mixed higher sweet treat blends for customers with diabetes that want to taste their favorite sweets and desserts without raising their blood sugar. Our team is always open to new flavor ideas, or even new flavor combinations. If you can dream it, chances are, we can make it.

If you have a special juice need, please don't hesitate to talk to a staff member. We'll work with you to get or make the juice that you need.

E-Juice/Liquid Steeping/Marinating Tips

Huge Selection of E-Juices

All our juice is ready to vape the minute you purchase it. That being said, time does make it better. Steeping allows flavors to marry and fully blend over time, so you will have a richer, deeper, more flavorful product after a few days or weeks of steeping. This is especially true of tobacco flavors, higher vegetable glycern mixes, and larger bottle sizes.

Store your juice in a dark cool place, out of reach of children and pets, and shake daily to keep your juice tasting its best. When juice is stored properly, it will remain good for approximately 18-24 months.