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Deano's Grill and Tapworks

The best sports grill in Wichita. Enjoy artisan pizzas, 23 big screen tvs, your favorite team and beer from 23 taps.

Deano's Grill and Tapworks
9747 East 21st St N
Suite 101
Wichita, KS 67206
Fax: 316.977.7108
Today's Hours: Kitchen 11a-11p Bar 11a-1a
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Deano's Grill and Tapworks Menu

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Lager, Missouri, 5.0%
Bud Light
Pale Lager, Missouri, 4.2%
Miller Lite
Pale Lager, Wisconsin, 4.2%
Miller High Life
Pale Lager, Wisconsin, 5.5%
Coors Light
Pale Lager, Missouri, 5.0%
Bud Light Lime
Lager, Missouri, 5.0%
Michelob Ultra
Pale Lager, Missouri, 4.2%
Michelob Ultra Gold
Organic Pale Lager, Wisconsin, 3.8%
Non-Alcoholic, Missouri, less than .5%
Corona Premier
Pale Lager, Mexico, 4.0%
Lager, Mexico, 4.6%
Dos Equis Lager
Lager, Mexico, 4.7%
Lager, Netherlands, 5.0%
Aero Plains Aero Vice
Tart Ale, Wichita, 6.0%
Aero Plains Tarmac
Stout, Wichita, 6.0%
WBC WuShock Wheat
Wheat, Wichita, 4.5%
New Belgium Glutiny
Pale Ale, Colorado, 6.0%