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Riverside Park Pond

Bionic Burger

Home of the 6 Million Dollar Burger, fresh cut fries, Philly cheese steaks, cones, malts, shakes and banana splits. A Wichita tradition since 1977.

About Us

We strive to continue to serve Wichita's folks with the same great food my parents served for 35 1/2 years. Our hometown burgers are only served in Wichita and even though we have tons of requests to go elsewhere we stay right here in our hometown area and always will. Fresh Grilled onion burgers served on a butter toasted bun. Fresh cut Fries with no preservatives at all. Philly cheese steaks. Wonderful cones, Malts & Shakes Even old fashioned banana splits.

Our History

Back in the 1970's my dad and his brother wanted to bring his uncle's food he had been serving since 1949 in Tulsa Oklahoma to Wichita. Steve found a little 10 x 20 building for lease at 2404 S Meridian. My dad signed a lease and quit his job that day. He then informed my mom that they were going in the hamburger business and she needed to quit her job. Needless to say she thought he was crazy! But, fortunately Pam which was 4 months pregnant with already had one child at home reluctantly agreed. His brother Loyd and his wife Susie agreed to go for it as well. Next he needed a name. Something catchy that people would remember. At that time there was a very popular show on TV called The Six Million Dollar Man. Lee Majors played the part of Steve Austin (who had bionic implants) so my dad thought it was only fitting that since he was Steve Majors it only made sense to call their place Bionic Burger. The first location opened on March 1st, 1977 and ran $33.00 the 1st day, the 2nd day $65.00 and the 3rd was over $100.00. By that winter the place was hopping. They remember seeing people lined up around the building in the snow. That's when they knew they had something good. He always made a giant burger in tribute to the show and called it the Six Million Dollar Burger.

Although, we have added a few items since then our menu remains basically the same. From $33.00 that day to several million dollars annually today. In 2012 my mom and dad retired. That little baby forming in my mom's tummy was me, Raquel. My husband Jimmy and I have taken over the family business.