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Heartland Roof & Gutter

Roofing & Guttering, Insur. Claims Projects, Attic Energy Saving

Heartland's Wichita Office
1037 S McComas
Wichita, KS 67213
Fax: 316.260.6414
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About Heartland Roof & Gutter

Thousands of Wichita Jobs  /  BBB Accreditation & Rated: A+


  • ROOFING - Exceptional Consultants & Qualified Crews
  • GUTTER-GUARDS - End the dangerous clogged gutter chore
  • INSURANCE CLAIM SPECIALIST - We will work with your insurance to get you all you are entitled out of your claim.  We will file most all of the required paperwork to complete your claim to save you the time and the hassle.  We are often able to get a significant portion, if not all, of your insurance deductible paid for by additional damage discovery.
  • ATTIC ENERGY SAVER PACKAGES - $ave Thousands on Energy Expense.  We specialize in effective attic ventilation systems to greatly improve your home's energy performance and we are often able to get this valuable upgrade paid for by your insurance claim.

HELPFUL INFORMATION: Whether you need a roof or any home improvement we recommend that you read the information found in the Project guide we’ve provided you (see link ‘Project Guide’ on left side bar). This information will help eliminate problems and frustrations by providing you with the right questions to ask of prospective contractors.  Make the right decision as to which contractor to hire for your project. Learn 7 Critical Questions to ask before you even hire a contractor.  Avoid the typical mistakes and insure you get the Right Project at the Right Price.

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