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Radical Bubbles

Wichita's Premier High-Tech blind cleaning service. We remove, clean, repair and re-install your blinds so they look good as new.

Radical Bubbles

About Us

We use science to clean your blinds. We will come to your home or business remove your blinds and clean them in our state of the art workspace. Your blinds will be cleaned and repaired and re-installed looking like they did the day you got them.

Scrubbing and steam cleaning can be tiresome, ineffective, and can actually damage your expensive window treatments.The Ultrasonic process uses sound waves forced through an aqueous wash at the specific frequency to create microscopic bubbles. These bubbles impact the surface of your blinds and burst, forming a vacuum that literally pulls the dirt off of your blinds.

If your blinds require repair, we will discuss the options and any additional charges with you before the work is done.  If we are not able to make the repairs on the same day we can either take them with us or make arrangements to return with parts for the repairs.

Call us today 316-204-4694 or fill out our contact form to set up your first appointment.