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Artistic Marble & Granite
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I look at the full slabs before fabricating starts?

Yes. In fact we insist on it to assure that the customer is getting what they want. Depending on the slab, we often have the customer come in to okay the layout of the piece on the slab.

How often does the surface need to be sealed? What kind of sealer should I use?

Any granite sealer works fine. There are various brands and applications. Just choose what is best for you. It is recommended to reseal your granite once a year. The granite slabs are sent to us sealed, then we seal it before we install it. Resealing your granite is much like cleaning it. You apply by either spraying or wiping the sealer on and simply wiping it off.

Can granite be damaged?

It can be damaged, but not easily. If you drop a heavy item on it, there is a possibility that it could chip. You also want to make sure and clean up any wine spills or spills that are acidic in nature, as they may cause etching in your granite if left sitting.

Can granite be repaired?

In most situations, yes it can be repaired.

Can I place hot pans and/or cut on my granite?

It is not recommended to do either. As far as cutting on your granite, while the granite likely won't suffer, your knives will. Granite will actually dull the blade of your knives. Setting hot pans/skillets directly from the oven or stove on your countertop could possibly cause cracking in the granite if set on a natural fissure or cause damage if your granite has a seam in it.

What is the appropriate thickness for a granite countertop?

We use only 3 cm granite for kitchen countertops, (approx. 1.25" thick). The granite countertop is set on open cabinets. We feel that the 3 cm (vs. 2 cm) gives you the stability needed to avoid possible damage to your countertop. We will not install granite over existing countertops or on a wood underlay. There are virtually thousands of different colors of granites. Granite is mined all over the world. The price of your granite is not determined by color or quality per se, but by availability. We offer five different edge profiles with no upcharge to the customer. There is no additional cost for the cutting of your sink or cooktop cutouts, and we price it with installation included. We also offer a high quality sink for your convenience.

*If you are interested in granite and want to visit our showroom and see our selection of granite slabs, we recommend calling ahead and setting up an appointment so we can devote our attention to you. It is helpful to bring in a rough sketch of what you are needing with the back wall measurements included. Feel free to bring along any paint chips, cabinet doors, flooring samples etc. that would be helpful in choosing the right color for you.