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Harter Physical Therapy

Founded by Gabe and Amanda Harter in 2014, Harter Physical Therapy is Wichita and Goddard's premier direct access physical therapy center.

Harter Physical Therapy
Primary Location
19931 W. Kellogg
Suite A
Goddard, KS 67052
Fax: 316.550.6215
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Patient-Centered Physical Therapy

Hospitals and clinics employ a variety of restrictions and regulations that limit healthcare professionals ability to care for his or her patients. After seeing how numerous healthcare facilities and physical therapy clinics were run, the Harters were ready to create a physical therapy clinic that was different, one that fulfilled their passion to give exceptional care to patients. Dr. Gabe Harter and Dr. Amanda Harter, both Doctors of Physical Therapy, founded Harter Physical Therapy on the principle of patient-centered care. This type of care requires good listening skills, increased time spend with patients, and adapting the schedule and treatment to fit the patient's specific needs and goals.

Both Kansas raised Doctors of Physical Therapy focus on goal-oriented achievement utilizing cutting-edge physical therapy interventions and research based techniques. Serving as a direct access clinic allows patients from all walks of life to utilize physical therapy without a physician's referral. Harter PT provides a thorough screening process to ensure that your condition is best treated by physical therapy before beginning treatment. After the screening process is complete, a comprehensive assessment of a your pain and impairment will be done in order to identify the structures that are causing and contributing to your problem.

Harter PT treats all ages and functional levels such as high school sports medicine, amputee rehabilitation, geriatric physical therapy and post-operative rehabilitation. Each patient's case is unique and is extensively evaluated before treatment is initiated. Once assessed, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will sit down with you to explain your patho-anatomical diagnosis and an individualized plan of care will be developed specifically for you. You are encouraged to ask questions as it is important to fully understand what is causing and perpetuating your pain and/or limitations, what will help heal it, and what will get back to your activities and your life.

Being patient-centered means that your treatment moves at the pace you set and progresses towards the goals you deem most important, whether that may be returning to your sport, experiencing less pain, or resuming your favorite hobby.

Harter Physical Therapy is here to help you Regain Yourself.

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Doctors Gabe and Amanda Harter