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Digital Mammography

Your Mammography Exam

Anatomi Imaging Mammography

Digital Mammography at Anatomi Imaging

This procedure uses very low doses of radiation to obtain images of the breasts, allowing doctors to detect small cancers even before they can be felt. A radiologist will interpret your mammogram and provide your physician with a written report.

What to expect during your mammography exam

Mammograms are used for two purposes, and the procedure varies for each:

Screening mammogram (for women without disease symptoms):
You’ll change into a gown, and each breast will be compressed for a few seconds while x-rays are taken. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, but necessary for an accurate evaluation. After the exam, we’ll ask you to wait until the technologist examines the images. Around ten percent of women will be called back after a screening mammogram for additional mammogram views or ultrasound imaging to get a better view of a particular area.

Diagnostic mammogram (for women with lumps, skin changes, nipple discharge, a history of breast cancer or other symptoms/special conditions):
A diagnostic mammogram is essentially the same procedure as a screening mammogram but may include additional views or special techniques to magnify suspicious areas or obtain a better analysis of normal breast tissue. A diagnostic mammogram may take up to one hour, depending on how many views are needed.

Preparation for your digital mammography exam

Wash breasts and underarms. Use no deodorant, powder or cream. Since you must undress from the waist up for the exam, you may wish to wear a two-piece outfit. Try to avoid scheduling your mammogram immediately prior to menstruation, as many women experience increased breast tenderness at this time, which may increase your discomfort during the procedure. No special dietary preparations are necessary.

Patients who have a problem with breast tenderness should discontinue all caffeine products at least seven to 10 days prior to the exam.

If you have previously had a mammogram at Anatomi Imaging, please let us know when your appointment was, so we can pull the films for comparison. If your prior mammograms were performed at another imaging facility, please inform us ahead of time or bring those films to your appointment.