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Longhofer Lawn & Tree Care

Providing lawn and tree care services, including fertilizing and core aeration, to the Wichita area since 1966.

Longhofer Lawn & Tree Care
725 E. 19th St. N.
Wichita, KS 67214
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Core Aeration

The Benefits of Core-Aeration to Your Lawn

With the constantly changing environmental conditions, we recommend this service annually. Core-aeration will benefit your lawn area in many ways; these benefits include:

  • Water retention, air penetration, reduction of compacted soils along with reduction of thatch. (Thatch can harbor insects and is a breeding place for lawn disease as well).
  • Also, core-aeration will encourage a deeper root system, so your investment of a fertilization program and watering becomes much more benefi cial to your lawn area.
  • Core-aeration also goes hand in hand with fall overseeding to maximize your fall renovation efforts.
  • Combined with verti-cutting and overseeding, core-aeration will prove most beneficial to all of your fall renovation efforts.