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LowCarb Express

Offering LowCarb solutions to the LowCarb dieter. We are dedicated to the promotion of your physical health.

Low Carb Express
421 N. Main
McPherson, KS 67460
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About LowCarb Express

Having over 50 years combined medical experience we were becoming increasingly concerned about the number of people we were seeing with high blood pressure, early diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis of the hips and knees among other issues that are often related to patients being overweight or obese . We knew the best treatment for these conditions was ‘lifestyle change’ but, in a typical family practice clinic, it can be difficult to adequately address these issues.  Instead, primary care providers are quick to prescribe medications, and just skip over the ‘life-style’ step. The services we offer and products we carry follow our 'evidence-based' approach to weight loss.

 We established our approach in 2004, where ‘lifestyle intervention’ is our primary focus.  Because of our medical background, it was (and remains) very important that we follow ‘evidence-based’ approaches to weight loss and behavior change.  There are so many inconsistencies and conflicting opinions in the weight-loss world, and we just want to help people cut through that and feel confident about following a program that is proven to be safe and effective. 

Our services Include:

  • Low Carb Superstore – huge variety of LowCarb and high protein meals and snacks for the dieter
  • Medical grade protein supplements
  • Free shipping for orders >$100
  • Evidence based – rapid start - weight loss program
  • Health Coach / online accountability partner
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