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Advanced Allergy Relief of Kansas-Wichita
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Allergy HELP!
I was constantly tired and my allergies were getting worse. I had taken daily allergy medicine for 9 years. I attended an allergy relief seminar and started on the road to health. I had a total health scan with Dr. Shubert and started taking supplements for my adrenals. Within days I had more energy, my immune system was strengthened, and strep and yeast were cleared. The chaste tree helped my PMS. At the same time, I started having allergy treatments. After a treatment for iron, I could absorb this nutrient and this increased my energy level. Treatments for gluten and dairy calmed my irritable bowel symptoms and headaches. With respiratory allergy treatments for trees, grasses, weeds and mold, I can now go outside and stay there without constant nose blowing, itchy eyes and an irritated throat. I have my life back! Thank you Dr. Shubert
Submitted by: Mary on 2010-04-17 08:42:47