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Medi-Weightloss Clinics

Make your health a priority! Lose weight, learn to maintain your goal weight, and win the weight loss battle!

Medi-Weightloss Clinics
1145 N. Andover
Suite 109
Andover, KS 67002
Fax: 316.733.8279
Today's Hours: 7:00AM - 7:00PM
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Basic Information About the Medi-Weightloss Plan

 Physician Supervised Plan

  • Our medical staff includes our physician, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.
  • Patients will always have one on one visit with one of the medical staff.
  • Since we are physician supervised and treat obesity as a medical issue, individual weight loss plans can be adapted to whatever medical needs or conditions the patient may have.

 1st Visit

  • New patients will complete a medical history form and bring it with them.
  • Patients will receive a full physical exam upon their first visit.
  • Complete lab panel (CBC, Lipids, TSH & T4, Chemistry profile, UA)
  • EKG
  • Extensive consultation to explain the weight loss plan.
  • Detailed booklet gives the plan in writing for better understanding.
  • We will explain the supplements (why they are needed and how they work). Patient will receive about a month supply of supplements.
  • In addition, we will thoroughly explain the injections.  Patients will receive the 2 injections – B12 and other B vitamins, amino acids and B6/B1 combination.
  • Injections are combinations of B vitamins, which are necessary to metabolize body fat.
  • Weighing our patients on impedance scales will give us information not available with household scales:  Total body fat, total body water, fat free mass, BMI, BMR, and calculations of percentages.  This will inform us about what is happening with the patient’s body and what adjustments will be needed.
  • A detailed eating plan is based on a core diet of optimal lean protein in the amounts needed to adequately sustain and build muscle mass while burning excess fat.  The program is balanced with adequate carbs (probably much less than what the patient has been eating, but still adequate to meet the body’s needs) and careful levels of good fats.

Follow-up visits

  • These visits will be less extensive than the 1st visit.  Usually 15-20 minutes, or as long as the patient needs.
  • Patients will always weigh-in, to keep track of progress.
  • Include multi-vitamin (other supplements are available for purchase once patient runs out of the initial supply given at the 1st visit).
  • These visits will include MIC injection with B12.
  • The most important part of each visit is the opportunity to have a one on one consultation with a member of our medical staff.  They will check with the patient to see how the patient is progressing, make any necessary adjustments, and provide continuous nutritional and lifestyle education throughout the plan – the patient learns what kind of choices are needed for their eating and exercise in order to lose the weight – and then to keep it off.

 Once you have met your goal weight

  • This starts the transition phase of approximately four weeks to the maintenance/wellness phase of the plan.
  • The ReeVue machine (pulmonary functioning machine) gives an accurate reading of BMR.
  • We will calculate calories from their exercise regimen that they have been developing.
  • The result provides the necessary information to determine what each patient needs to do in order to maintain their new body weight.
  • Ideally, we hope to keep patients in the Maintenance/Wellness portion of the plan for about a year.  Check-ins are available about once a month with weekly injections if desired by a patient. 
  • Research clearly indicates that if a person can maintain a given weight for one year and they have made a lifestyle change significant enough that they are much more likely to maintain that weight for a lifetime.

 Important points about the Medi plan:

  • Our goal is to teach a new lifestyle – a new way of eating designed to help the patient achieve optimal health and to keep a healthy way of life.
  • We use real food from day one – We do not rely primarily on shakes, pre-packaged foods or meal replacements.  When patients reach maintenance, they are already eating the foods they should continue to eat the rest of their lives.