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Salvy Sousa

Attn all Foodies...Salvy Sousa has arrived! We make the best sauces, rubs & marinades for steaks, chops and anything on the grill! Great gifts here

Salvy Sousa
11242 282nd Road
Arkansas City, KS 67005
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Salvy Sousa Products & Menus

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Boom Boom Hot Sauce

OMG BBQ is just that - One Mighty Gnarly BBQ sauce. When concocting this recipe, Salvy, the mix master, was very methodical in adding a variety of sweet AND smoky flavors, to create this astoundingly full-bodied flavor. You'll be begging for more!

  • $8.99
Riff Raff Marinade
Riff Raff, our very popular mushroom, vegetable, and pork chop marinade.
Very Concentrated - add/experiment to your taste!
Salvy concocted a savory blend of sauces and red wine with other secretive family ingredients and meticulously crafted this one-of-a kind marinade that is truly maintenance for the soul.

Recommended for:
mushrooms, vegetables, chicken & pork

Cooking methods:
marinating, grilling, or on your stove top for a quick meal
  • $9.49
Shakem Up Meat Marinade
Salvy's Shakem Up Meat Marinade complimenting any cut of steak
Just a whiff of this sauce ignites your senses to the finest cut of steak. Salvy blended together his secret sauces with a hint of onions, garlic and a variety of other spices to create the most smackin' good marinade for any cut of steak.
  • $6.99
Sweet N Sassy
"Sweet N Sassy" jalapeno relish, it burns so good!

Only pansies use pickle relish!

  • $6.99