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Salvy Sousa

Attn all Foodies...Salvy Sousa has arrived! We make the best sauces, rubs & marinades for steaks, chops and anything on the grill! Great gifts here

Salvy Sousa
11242 282nd Road
Arkansas City, KS 67005
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Get Sauced in a Store Near You!

Check it out --- Salvy's livin' large in more than ONE HUNDRED locations throughout the US and Canada

Check it out - the whole bunch of 'em - see that link above my bald head? FIND A STORE NEAR YOU?

So, CLICK on it! Go ahead.

Grill Baby, Grill!

My name's Salvy and I like spicy food, spunky women & I know how to heat up any meal! Grills are my obsession, whether on my muscle cars or on my big ass grill on my patio :-)

We make sauces and marinades that are smack-you-in-the-face-and-steal-your-beer good.

Foodies! Salvy Sousa has arrived

  • Riff Raff -  our very popular mushroom, vegetable, and pork chop marinade
  • OMG BBQ Sauce -  the name says it all
  • Shake Em' Up Steak Sauce - complimenting any cut of steak
  • Sweet N Sassy - Only pansies use pickle relish! Try "Sweet N Sassy" jalapeno relish, it burns so good!
  • Boom Boom Hot Sauce - this hot sauce knocks your socks off and leaves you sayin' "BOOM!"
  • Rev It Up Ketchup - Only a sissy would use plain ketchup

We are hell-bent on having spectacular meals at every setting. Food should be an experience and enjoyed with every moment; from preparation to the grill to the table. Enjoy our recipes, we dare ya!

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