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Keeper of the Plains

The Room-Wichita

Multiple rooms, multiple challenges. Do you have what it takes to get out in time? The Room-Wichita is Wichita's new form of interactive entertainment!

The Room-Wichita
1999 N Amidon Ave
Suite 335
Wichita, KS 67203
Today's Hours: 5:00PM - 8:30PM

About Us

Do you have what it takes to solve the room and get out in time? Escape rooms are a new and exciting form of entertainment. They are great for family bonding, church groups, corporate team building, couples, and friends looking for a fun and interactive experience.

Each of our four rooms at The Room-Wichita has a different story and different objective which must be met within an hour time frame.

The Miner's Map: Mr. Withers is one of Kansas’ wealthiest miners and has been missing for several months now. Rumor has it Mr. Withers had left the map to one of richest mines somewhere inside this location. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues, retrieve the map and exit the room before the authorities come in and seize everything.

The Magicians Apprentice: I have been long searching for a team of new apprentices to teach and share all my magic. Inside this room, I have placed a special book of magic, one I have loved since childhood. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues and retrieve the book before time runs out. Those that succeed are worthy and those that don’t, aren’t!

The Interns: Located somewhere inside this office is a thumb drive containing all the bosses top client list. Retrieve the thumb drive and exit the room before the time runs out. For those that make it out in time, you get to keep your internships! Those that don’t, well, you will be replaced. You have 1 hour to decipher the clues, retrieve the drive and exit the room before time runs out.

The Disgruntled Nanny: The Nanny has become disgruntled and has locked your car keys in the safe. You have one hour to retrieve your keys and exit the room before you'll be too late to meet with your company's top client, ultimately leading to your employment termination! The Room Wichita is a fun and entertaining way to test your communication, deciphering, and teamwork skills.

Call us at (316) 213-6196 to set up your next group outing or stop by and see us today!