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Southwestern College

Whether you’re continuing your education or returning to school, we offer a quality education that meets your needs - and your schedule.

East Wichita
2040 S. Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207
Fax: 316.688.5218
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West Wichita
3460 North Ridge Rd.
Suite 50
Wichita, KS 67205
Fax: 316.946.1079
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McConnell Air Force Base
53474 Lawrence Ct.
Bldg. 412, Room 118
McConnell AFB, KS 67221
Fax: 316.681.2837
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Available Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

About Our Undergraduate Degree Programs

Southwestern College Professional Studies offers a full-range of bachelor’s degree programs for adult learners. Many of these programs are available in the classroom and most are delivered online allowing for anywhere, anytime learning. The flexibility of classroom and online learning coupled with 6-week classes and progressive transfer policies make Southwestern College Professional Studies the perfect choice for today’s adult learners.

At Southwestern College Professional Studies, our classes are demanding, but our process is easy.

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Graduate Degrees

About Our Graduate Degrees

At Southwestern College Professional Studies, we have designed our graduate degree programs for busy professionals like you. You can transform your future while still meeting full-time job and family commitments. The graduate degree programs at Southwestern College Professional Studies offer relevant curriculum taught by professional instructors to meet the evolving needs of learners interested in advancing their educational credentials.

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Certificate Programs

About Our Certificate Programs

To meet the evolving educational needs of individuals, Southwestern College offers both certificates and certification preparation courses. Credit hours earned for these certificate programs and certification preparation courses can be used to satisfy credit hour requirements for Southwestern College bachelor’s or master's degrees.

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