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Lake Afton Public Observatory

Come Explore The Universe At The Lake Afton Public Observatory Through Our Telescope.

Lake Afton Public Observatory
25000 W. MacAurther
Goddard, KS 67052
Fax: 316.978.3350
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Lake Afton Public Observatory

Young and old alike can share the excitement of the night sky at the Lake Afton Public Observatory. Through the Observatory's 16-inch telescope you can view such wonders as the giant planet Saturn and its rings, the Moon with its craters and mountains, glowing clouds of gas, star clusters with thousands of stars, and distant galaxies many times bigger than our own Milky Way. After touring the universe, you can explore the Observatory's museum area with its interactive astronomy exhibits. When visiting Wichita, make sure you put this unique attraction on your list of things to do.

The Lake Afton Public Observatory offers programs for the general public on Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year. School classes can reserve an Observatory program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday during the day.

All programs, exhibits, and school out-reach materials are designed, prepared, and presented by Observatory staff and volunteers.
Observatory programs also extend beyond its walls through classroom presentations, portable editions of exhibits, instructional astronomy games and astronomy activities for use in the classroom. Call (316) 978-3191 for details.

Also, besure to read up on the myth that planet Mars will be closer to Earth than ever before.   (See link on the left)


The Observatory is located 20 miles southwest of downtown Wichita at MacArthur Road (39th Street South) and 247th Street West in Lake Afton County Park. It is immediately north of the lake, just off MacArthur Road.
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Lake Afton Public Observatory