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Not Just a Cop Shop

This store is something completely unexpected. They do offer the typical security equipment and gear, but the selection of products goes way beyond that.

Not Just a Cop Shop is a product of its parent company, Smart Security. Not Just a Cop Shop, which opened in the summer of 2006, provides Wichita with a place to get security needs that can be installed and monitored on their own. They offer a number of different security and surveillance cameras from the large corner cameras to small mini cameras that can barely been seen.

In addition to the cameras, there are several types of safety equipment such as window alarm breaks, door wedges that sound alarms, personal alarms, and key ring defenders. The key ring defenders are something you put on your fingers that have sharp spikes for defending yourself if you ever need to do so.

Not Just a Cop Shop also has pepper spray of many different shapes and sizes, including zombie spray (don’t worry; it works on humans as well).

Don’t forget about stun guns! They carry those, too. I had never been around a stun gun before my trip to the store, and let me tell you, the noise they make alone would be enough to scare someone off.

Prepping for doomsday or the zombie apocalypse? Well, if it’s something you strongly believe in, Not Just a Cop Shop has everything to help you prepare. They have food packs that have a shelf life of 5 years, emergency water pouches and meal bars that don’t induce thirst.

As far as camping gear goes, they have emergency blankets and sleeping bags that are about the size of your fist before they are opened. They also have fire starting kits and click counters to help you count distances.

Not Just a Cop Shop carries safes that look like everyday items like soda, chips, and water! You can see some examples and many more photos in the photo gallery.

Whatever your needs may be, Not Just a Cop Shop is a unique and interesting store that’s worth checking out.  

To learn more about Not Just a Cop Shop, or to sign up for their upcoming self-defense class, click here

by Hannah Kern


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