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Valentine's Day on a Budget

If you’re in a relationship, you’re pretty much locked in to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Yeah, you might agree together not to give gifts this year, but there is an unspoken understanding that you will, or else you’re likely to be in big trouble. Whether you’re in a long-term, serious relationship or you’re just getting started, Valentine’s Day is a time to impress. If you’re strapped for cash, this can be difficult to do, but there are budget friendly alternatives out there that can help you make it through the holiday without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorites.

Make a playlist

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1. Make a playlist

It doesn't have to be exclusively love songs; it can be a list of songs that remind you of each other, or simply a list of his or her favorite songs. This is a great way to evoke memories and look back on the time you've spent together.
Make a homemade card

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2. Make a homemade card

This is a cool option because it's one-of-a-kind and adds a really personal touch. Complete with a handwritten message inside, and you've got a simple but sweet gift that your partner won't soon forget.
Build a blanket fort and watch your favorite shows

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3. Build a blanket fort and watch your favorite shows

Set up a laptop or phone in your fort and stream your favorite Netflix series. This is a great way to embrace your inner child, relax and catch up on your favorite show. Photo by
Get your game on

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4. Get your game on

This makes for a fun and interesting night, especially if you choose games that are highly competitive, like monopoly or risk. Video games are also a good choice.
Cook a meal together

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5. Cook a meal together

Even though going out to dinner is traditional, you'll save time and money by eating in. This can also be a fun experience as you can learn how to make a new dish together. If you love it, save the recipe and make it again in the future!
Break out the Rom-Coms

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6. Break out the Rom-Coms

Curling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a romantic movie is an alternative to a formal Valentine's celebration. (Guys, if you're not into romantic movies, just do it for the ladies. I promise they will appreciate it.)
Dress to impress

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7. Dress to impress

Even if you decide to spend the evening in, dress up. Put on your best clothes and put in effort for your significant other. It's a great gesture to make you feel like you are doing something fancy for Valentine's Day, even if you're at home.
Buy a single rose

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less is more - buy a single rose

Roses are extremely expensive around Valentine's Day, so buying a dozen can be really pricey. Instead of a large bouquet of flowers, buy a single rose. It sends a personal and thoughtful message. Less is more, after all. Pair this gesture with the perfect handwritten card, and you've got a gift that is truly something special.
Take turns showing your favorite YouTube videos

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9. Take turns showing your favorite YouTube videos

This is almost guaranteed to provide hours full of laughter and entertainment, and it's a great way to get to know your partner's sense of humor.
Have an all-out war with nerf guns

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10. Have an all-out war with Nerf guns

If you've never participated in a Nerf gun fight, you're truly missing out. This is a great Valentine's Day activity for the couple that isn't too wrapped up in the traditional, romantic celebration methods. It's great because it allows you to have fun and get a little competitive. Photo by
Go on a photoshoot

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11. Go on a photoshoot

Everyone likes to be flattered, so treat your partner like a model and take him or her out for a photoshoot. Grab your camera and head to one of your favorite spots. Not only does this option give you a unique (and budget-friendly) Valentine's Day activity, but it also catalogs the memory, allowing you to go back and remember your day for years to come.
Do nothing

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12. Do nothing

Yes, you read that correctly. This Valentine's Day, celebrate with a lazy Sunday full of relaxing. Spend the day inside doing the things you want to and nothing else. Want to cuddle up with blankets and read together? Go for it. It's your day.
Visit the Wichita Art Museum

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13. Visit the Wichita Art Museum

If your schedule allows, celebrate a day early and stop by the WAM. The Museum offers free admission on Saturdays, so this is a great date idea that won't set you back a cent!
Listen to some live music

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14. Listen to some live music

Wichita has a variety of opportunities to hear bands play live. From big name groups at Intrust Bank Arena to the local groups that play around town, this a date night idea that can accommodate any budget.
Catch a Movie at the Palace

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15. Catch a Movie at the Palace

At just $3.50 for all shows, The Palace Theatre offers a lot of bang for your buck. Showing movies that have recently left other theatres but are not yet played out, The Palace allows you to catch the films that you thought you'd missed, and at a discounted rate! Located at 535 S. Ridge Road Cir. the theatre is just off of Kellogg and Ridge.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day isn’t about who gives the biggest and best gifts, it’s about spending time with the person you love and enjoying your time together. We hope that these gifts give you some ideas on how to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!

Good Luck and happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at 360Wichita!


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