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Snow Day!

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Snowy days are the best days when you are doing one of these three things: Play outside in the snow, go skiing or snowboarding, or stay inside by the fire watching movies and relaxing. These days are not to be spent driving or going to school.

According to the news, the snow storm that is upon us now could be one of the worst in Wichita history. All the schools in the Wichita area and many of the work places are closed for the day because the driving conditions are just not safe. It sounds like the perfect day to do some fun activities outside in the snow and inside the house.

Here are some ideas for fun ways to make a snow day into a great day!

1. Make a snowman. This is the obvious idea that everyone thinks of when it snows but it’s a really great activity that can only be done a few times a year. Make the snowman your own by accessorizing with fun items to give it a different style.

2. Go sledding. It’s such a fun activity that can be great exercise as well. I know Kansas is not the ideal place for sledding because of the lack of hills, but be creative!

3. Drink hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is the ideal cold weather drink and when coming in from a cold, snowy play session it’s just what you need to warm you up!

4. Play board games. Some of the most traditional games are great on days you are stuck inside. Pull out the old games and give them a try instead of sticking with the video games.

5. Pretend you have a restaurant. Let the kids make a menu (something simple) and have them take orders, make the meal and deliver it.

6. Take pictures throughout the day to remember the snow day!

7. Build a fort. When I was a kid, forts were one of my favorite things! If you have kids, get involved with helping them build it! Have a tea party in the fort or play games inside! Forts are easy and always a great time.

8. Bake! Baking and snowy days just go together. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies or rice krispie treats. If you don’t have all the ingredients, make up your own recipe. It may not turn out the way you want it to, but it’s fun trying!

I hope you have a fun “snow day” and stay busy with these activities!

by Hannah Kern


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