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Scholfield Honda

2013 Honda Accord

“You should be drivin’ a Honda. You should be drivin’ a Honda, oh yes you should. Drive a Scholfield Honda….”

If you haven’t heard that jingle then you probably haven’t been in Wichita in the last 41 years, or you have no connection to the media world. Anyways, that’s how long Scholfield Honda has been in Wichita. Scholfield Honda is a locally owned and operated car dealership that opened in 1971.

The new 2013 Honda models are now being released. The 2013 Accords recently arrived to Scholfield Honda, and the Coupes will be arriving at the end of October. This 9th generation Honda Accord has really raised the bar for sedans in the rest of the industry. The rear back-up system is now standard in the 2013 Accords and the optional additions are on a whole new level.

Several features that are unique in the Accord are Lanewatch and the i-MID (intelligent Multi-Informational Display). Lanewatch is a camera that is on the passenger side rearview mirror that allows you to see if there is anything in your blind spot. The i-MID is pretty standard in that it has the navigation system, Bluetooth, and options for satellite radio, but what makes it different is the ability to link up to Pandora, your e-mail, and other phone apps. You can even put pictures on the i-MID.

There are some other great features for the Accord as well such as the touch button start and the optional adaptive cruise control.

If these features aren’t enough reason for you to look into a Honda, 80% of all Hondas are manufactured in the United States and they get 36 MPG on the highway.

This car can be viewed online, or at the Scholfield Honda lot. There are many great things about this car that you have got to see! If you have any interest in buying a new car, the 2013 Honda Accord is definitely a great option and Scholfield Honda is the place to buy.

I took some pictures of the 2013 Accord that you can see here. For more information about Scholfield Honda, click here

by Hannah Kern


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