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Wichita Ice Center

Offering hockey leagues, figure skating, open skating, and professional skating equipment.

Wichita Ice Center
505 W. Maple
Wichita, KS 67213
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Figure Skating

Figure Skating Academy

Our figure skating academy offers dedicated ice time and classes designed for figure skaters from beginners through elite competitors to improve their skills. Sessions are available throughout the day from early mornings before work or school through late afternoons and weekends. Specific schedules will vary, however a current month's schedule is available below.

Drop-in sessions are paid by the hour for freestyle sessions and by the class for classes. Punch-cards can be purchased at a significant discount off of our drop-in rates, and can be used in 15-minute increments.


Freestyle drop-in rate: $12/hour

5 Hour Freestyle punch-cards: $45

10 Hour Freestyle punch-card: $85

30-Minute class drop-in rate: $11

15-Minute class drop-in rate: $7.50

150-Minute class punch-card: $40

300-Minute class punch card: $75

Monthly Unlimited freestyle and class pass: $325/month

Here is a schedule of our upcoming sessions and academy classes:

For the freestyle schedule please click here

Academy Sessions

Gen FS – Open session to work on full array of figure skating. (Open to figure skaters of all levels.)

Freestyle – Session open to work only spins, jumps, footwork and programs. No Dance or Moves in the Field allowed. (Open to skaters at the Free Skate 4 and above level only.)

MITF/Dance – Session open to work only Moves in the Field or compulsory dance. No spins, jumps, lifts or freeskate programs allowed. (Open to figure skaters of all levels.)

Adult FS – Open session for skaters 18 years of age and older to work full array of figure skating. (Open to all skaters 18+ years old only. No exceptions will be made.)

On-Ice Class Descriptions:

Intro to Figures– Develop body positions, lean and edge control while learning the original “school figures.” (For Free Skate 4 or Adult 4& up)

Jumps – Hone the skill to jump; learn the proper entry to jumps, accurate take-off, rotation, and landing positions, proper application of power, and transitions into combination jumps.
(For Free Skate 1 & up)

Spins – Hone the skill to spin; learn the proper entry to spins, how to spin faster with accurate positions, improve spin centering, and transitions into combination or flying spins.(For Free Skate 1 & up)

Power – Skaters will work on the development of property body alignment and blade usage, leading to more secure edges and stronger, more efficient generation of power on different types of steps and strokes, resulting in greater potential speed and stability across the ice. (Low = Freeskate 1 to Preliminary FS or Pre-Bronze Dance, High = Preliminary FS or Pre-Bronze dance & up)

Conditioning - Build endurance, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning while practicing essential skating skills. (For Free Skate 4 & up)

Figure Skating 101— Learn more about what it means to become a figure skater! Class includes proper off-ice warm-up drills, on-ice practice methods, competition/test preparation tech-niques, and specific spin, jump, and ice dance skills. (Open to skaters who have passed basic 7 through Pre-Preliminary FS or Pre-Bronze Dance. Also available as a package including 1 private lesson and 1 hour of freestyle ice per week for skaters who have never taken private lessons before).

Off-Ice Class Descriptions:

Ballet – Study the art of ballet directly related to figure skating by creating graceful body lines while building more strength, flexibility, and better body alignment. (For Free Skate 4 & up skaters or instructor permission)

Conditioning – Increase your strength, stamina and flexibility through a variety of exercises and drills to improve your skating skills. (Low – for Basic 3-Preliminary; High – for Free Skate 4 and up or with instructor approval)

Off-Ice Jumps – Master the ability to practice off-ice jumps while working on balance, leg strength, rotation speed, and jump landing form; watch as it quickly transfers to jumps on ice. (For skaters Basic 8 and up)

Stretching/Flexibility Cool-down - Flexibility can be a great asset to any skater, and it naturally disappears as skaters exercise if they don’t stretch, especially if they are still growing. Learn how to stretch after skating to properly cool down your muscles and maintain or increase your flexibility. (Open to skaters of all ages, level Basic 8 and up)

Private Lessons

Figure Skaters who are serious about their sport or are just recreational come to Wichita Ice Center to be taught by the best. Private lessons are provided for those who want to learn to skate recreationally or through all levels of competition. Rates vary by instructor, however discounted introductory pricing is available for anyone taking private lessons for the first time!  Please contact the Wichita Ice Center at 316-337-9199, for more information!

Note: All private lessons booked are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please click here for details.

College Courses

Do you need more credit? Sign up through Wichita State University and earn credit while you learn to ice skate. Classes offered weekly during the school semester. 

Call (316) 337-9199 for more information

Off-Ice Conditioning

We offer programs geared towards both the recreational and the serious figure skater. Focus is on power, strength, agility, jumping techniques, and ballet. Conditioning classes are offered weekly for children and adults.

Please refer to the Figure Skating Academy schedule for times and dates of classes.

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